Reclaiming The Village

“Reclaiming The Village” is the culmination of social intervention, cultural arts and education combined to create one harmonistic voice for change and transformation.

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“Reclaiming The Village” is the culmination of social intervention, cultural arts and education combined to create one harmonistic voice for change and transformation.

  • Our first priority is to our children, who are the seeds of our future.
  • Our second priority is to help stabilize our community and safeguard our families.
  • Our third priority is to create an awareness forum to exchange ideas, information and tangible solutions for the development of our communities. “It’s about, Life, Love, and Liberation” (L3)

The RTV Movement has three main components:

1.  AIR Support where we bring awareness to the systemic problems and dilemmas that face youth, families and communities across the country and promote tangible solutions and best practices.


     Your contributions will:

  • Provide marketing and sales support to continue syndicating the Griot Nation Radio show as well as vignettes including Griot Proverbs and The Cora Dixon Healing Experience, to spread the message of L3 – Life, Love & Liberation in markets across the country .
  • Assist in the purchase of equipment and software to record live shows on location in communities we serve.

2.  Ground Support – we are building a growing collaboration of creative artists, entrepreneurs and business minds forging a unique boots on the ground approach to effect social change.


     Your contributions will provide support and scholarships for the following initiatives:

  • Saturday School 4 Boys and Young Men – We empower our boys and young men with skills in many areas including Character Education, Leadership Development, Behavior Modification (Mental Toughness, mediating conflicts, self-imposed correction), Code of Conduct (A common language that stabilizes and/or eliminates premeditated misconduct), Manhood Training  (Personal Development/Roles and Responsibilities ), Academic Motivation, and Health and Fitness.
  • Operation Rebound – A decriminalization program designed to solicit the court system for expungement, non-disclosure, and or court support in matters that extend beyond the client’s civic ability.
  • Griot Poet Society (GPS) – A cultural arts and technology program designed to introduce youth to digital media technology and the responsibility and power of art when it is used as a tool for activism – Dallas, TX Chapter, Buffalo, NY Chapter
  • Fathers-4-Life – a boots on the ground program for recruiting and training men to participate in mentoring, tutoring and protecting youth in the community

3.  Cyber Support – an online social media community that engages youth and families with innovative digital media technology to promote social change, provides unique learning experiences and incubate entrepreneurship opportunities


     Your contributions will provide support for the following online initiatives:

  • – Online Empowerment Website Portal will provide Webinars, Community Mobilization Plans, Realities and Responses Trainings, Helpful Hints for Parent Handbooks, and Live Online Broadcasts. The website portal will also allow our listeners and supporters to collaborate with like-minded individuals, organize groups to galvanize resources and best practices, provide input and feedback on critical issues and opportunities in our communities, and celebrate accomplishments and milestone achievements in a membership-driven online platform.
  • Brother 2 Brother – A weekly online radio podcast forum that galvanizes men to share their commitment, challenges and triumphs, and encourage each other in their daily march to build strong communities
  • Griot Poet Society – A creative cyber and Youth Social Media Team dedicated to spreading positive propaganda to uplift and inform communities

Reclaiming The Village